Posts for year 2020

Clojure: Apply new learning to do things better

learning new concepts offered by Clojure

Second Brain - Archiving: Keeping resources handy

Refining Sofee2.0 spec list

Clojure, hash-map, keys, keyword

Understanding what can be used as key in Clojure hash-map

Clojure Command Line Arguments II

Parsing command line args in Clojure - Follow up post

Command line arguments with Clojure

Parsing command line args using sequence functions in Clojure

Engaging with "I have an idea" pitch

Talking it through...

Selenium based frontend tests using Python and Docker

Python based frontend unittests using selenium and docker.

Comparing URLs for similarity

Check if two URLs are same

Setting up an environment for a workshop based on Python.

A reflection on advancements of programming ecosystem to make it easy for starters.