Here is a wishlist for 2022. I have made similar lists in past, but privately. I didn't do well on following up on them. I want to change that. I will keep the list small and try to make them specific.

  • Read More

    I didn't read much in 2021. I have three books right now with me: Selfish Gene by Richard dawkins, Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, Release It! by Michael T. Nygard. I want to finish them. And possibly add couple more to this list. Last year, I got good feedback on how to improve and grow as a programmer. Keeping that in mind I will pick up some/a technical book. I have never tried before. Lets see how that goes.

  • Monitoring air quality data of Bikaner

    When I was in Delhi back in 2014 I was really miffed by deteriorating air quality in Delhi. There was a number attached to it, AQI, it was registered by sensors in different locations. I felt it didn't reflect the real number of air quality for commuters like me. I would daily commute from office on foot and I would see lot of other folks stuck in traffic breathing in the same pollution. I tried to do something back then, didn't get too much momentum and stopped.

    Recently with help of Shiv I am mentally getting ready to pick it up, again. In Bikaner we don't have official, public AQI number (1, 2, 3). I would like that to change. I want to start small, couple of boxes that could start collecting data. And add more features to it and increase the fleet to cover more areas in the City.

  • Write More:

    I was really bad with writing things in 2021. Fix it. I want to write 4 to 5 good, thought out, well written posts. I also have lot of drafts, I want to finish writing them. I think being more consistent with writing club on wednesdays would be helpful.

  • Personal Archiving:

    Again a long time simmering project. I want to put together scaffolding that can hold this. I recently read this post, the author talks about different services he runs on his server. I am getting a bit familiar with containers, docker-compose, ansible. And this post has given me some new inspirations on taking some small steps. I think the target around this project are still vague and not specific. I want some room here. To experiment, get comfortable, try existing tools.