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Ritesh: BACKSPACE, write a post/poem and then hit backspace and publish.

Me: Actually I realized, when we write something with Pen, "destroying" it will need more serious efforts. You will have to scratch it out, shred your paper or literally burn it. And still, there are actual physical evidence of the work. With digital, these backspace or CTRL+Z, they just obliterate what you just did. Physical evidence of those flipping bits are hard to notice or observe.

Ritesh: Yes, same thing with Photography, as digital cameras came to space the whole scenario exploded. Earlier with analog photographs, people were very mindful of their shots as their resources were limited.

Ritesh: We can't backspace what we speak no???

<2019-04-10 Wed 10:59>: And now I remember punch's post about being Deliberate with your plans/actions.