Chapter IV - Chase
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Continuing from part 3

Part I - Bargains

Mahinder was crazy nervous, his palms were cold and sweating as he entered his Mother's room.

Maa(angry voice): What is she upto now?

Mahinder(apologetic tone): This time it was me.

Maa: She alone is enough, please, do me a favour, don't join her in playing around with our house setup and equipment. They are not toys. Oo lord, when are these two going to get mature.

Mahinder(trying to make his first pitch): I was trying to upgrade our existing battery with a more powerful one.

Maa(not convinced): Yeah, right. Do you even remember how often you come to me with this same excuse?

Mahinder: This time its for real Maa.

Maa: Why? This time you have some divine blessings?

Mahinder: Tcchhh… Maa…. I am being serious. We can get a really powerful battery which can keep us off-the-grid for atleast an year.

Maa is suddenly interested.

Mahinder(continuing enthusiastically): Yes. I swear. Today I got hold of one old battery from Parmanand ji's house. And Madhu thinks it can really help us.

Maa(dismissive tone): Madhu and her books. They are good for nothing. Beta, things don't work the way they are written in books.

Mahinder: Its not just her Maa, I myself tried and confirmed things. And the last trip happened because of that only.

Maa: So it was you?

Mahinder nodded, trying to avoid her gaze.

Mahinder: But the battery setup will need more work and ummm…. what's the word, "investment".

Maa: Heh, Beta, from me?

Mahinder: Well…. yes. Seems we will all have to contribute in someway. But I think its risk worth taking.

Maa: What risk? What worth?

Mahinder: The battery can pull off our house requirement for really long time. It will be charged off-grid, we don't need main supply to charge it and it will be very "instantaneous". Almost like getting your glucose dose :P

Maa(mocking): Yeah, it will spin a fan for an year, yeah right, sure.

Mahinder: No, not just fan, everything, Air conditioning, water pump, washing machine, our kitchen setup.

Maa(getting interested): AC for an year?

Mahinder: Yes. At 24 degrees.

Maa: Get lost.(बेटा इत्ती मत फेंक)

Mahinder: Its True Maa. The battery can really pull off that kind of load. This battery is used to haul HUGE container ships across the globe in seas and oceans. Its really powerful.

Maa: Yeah right, and you just happened to find it at parmanand ji's place.

Mahinder: Well, they weren't able to figure out how to charge it and kept using it in very un-optimized way.

Maa: And you can get it charged and running fully?

Mahinder: As I said, investment. We know what we need to charge it fully.

Maa: What kind of investment? My pension?

Mahinder: Nah, that won't be helpful.

Maa: Then?

Mahinder(his palms are sweaty again): Well…. (stammering), we will need your gold and silver ornaments.

Maa: WHAT???

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