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I work from home and laptop is exclusive device which I use for everything, news, connecting to friends, entertainment, distraction, lukkhagiri(procrastination) and also work. It was during summer holidays and one of my 5 year old nephew was visiting us. It takes time(few days) for kids, to get comfortable, as we met after a decent time gap. One day as I was prepping for the day, I sat in front of my computer and I was about to plug in my earphones when he sneaked on me, and said, caught you, पकड़ लिया… to which I shrugged off saying, where am I going, I am here only.

After months passing by, recently I was watching Ready Player One, and the plot of movie is around a virtual reality world called Oasis where everyone spends their time doing random things. It reminded me of the earlier incident I had with my nephew. We don't have that strong, immersive, engaging tools as shown or visioned in the movie, but current screens(phones, laptops etc) are still powerful that they can almost teleport us to