Pankhudi work in January

I met one of my school friend earlier in the start of this month and he was mentioning about how he and his wife were trying to teach some kids from neighborhood but society people interfered saying rogue kids are entering society premises on excuse of class and causing trouble. They "suggested" the couple to rent a room somewhere outside and take classes there. Of course, this is outrageous to expect someone to take such an extra measure to actually do something good and in the end, they just left.

It was really sad to hear their part of story but I am really fortunate to have totally different set of people around me. I recently started working with TaxSpanner Team. Before joining them in Delhi, I was concerned about how I would be able to continue with work done till now with Pankhudi/पँखुडी. I was wondering if I could come down to Pune and continue working from here once I am all set with the team and working methodology. Ankur, Gora, Vivek and others readily agreed and I spent last two weeks of January here.

In library there was issue with earthing and computers had been down from quite some time. Thanks to Srikant, Padma and Pratiksha's(maybe I missed others name) effort we had proper working switch boards in library which were needed BIG time. Computer, Raspberry Pi(we have offline Wikipedia, Khan-academy videos, scratch and other resources on it, though use case is still very limited), Laptop, all were working just fine. Also, people "hosted" me so readily, provided all resources(office to work from, vehicles to commute, even pick and drop facility, lunches/dinners/snacks), that one feels right at home and carry on with the work/anything without any adaptation, Sooper it is(घन्यवाद बोला तो लोग मारेंगे). Hope to see you all again soon :)

Here are logs of activity going on in library while I was there

Table 1: Day to day activity
Date Reached Left Children activity Notes
<2015-01-19 Mon> <2015-01-19 Mon 14:54> <2015-01-19 Mon 20:30> Rukhsar+Zainab+Afreen reading chapter, Eyes are not here. Was away for
        Task: Mark verb+tenses of sentences almost 45 minutes(snacks)
      Sangita We covered some DB related basics,  
        firing some queries,  
        chalked out "Schedule" for this week.  
      Anas He was making excel sheet for  
        Attendance of volunteers+students  
<2015-01-20 Tue> <2015-01-20 Tue 17:04> <2015-01-20 Tue 19:15> Aashique doing something with Excel+ppt+alice  
      Neha<2015-01-20 Tue 17:20> Pen-Drive Cleanup+Caution about using  
        Pendrive on systen in case of viruses  
      Sangita<2015-01-20 Tue 17:25> Given her installation+manual, asked  
        her to follow instruction in pdf to  
        install sqlite3(lighter verions SQL)  
        Status: Finished installation,  
        create, insert, query  
      Rukhsar<2015-01-20 Tue 17:51> Status: Finished tenses kehte  
<2015-01-21 Wed> <2015-01-21 Wed 13:50> <2015-01-21 Wed 19:31> Umar <2015-01-21 Wed 14:03> Trying random things on computer Break:
      Rukhsar <2015-01-21 Wed 17:13> Chapter : Gift of Magi tenses/words <2015-01-21 Wed 15:15>
        HW: Rewrite first two para in simple  
      Ashique <2015-01-21 Wed 16:50> Studying Urdu kehte to <2015-01-21 Wed 16:40>
        Status: Covered 2 first para, meaning Was in boat club got some
      Sangita <2015-01-21 Wed 17:30> Revision+Foreign Key office work.
        Status: We barely got to point of Somehow network connection
        creating tables with Foreign key is very bad in library
<2015-01-22 Thu> <2015-01-22 Thu 16:11> <2015-01-22 Thu 18:55> Junaid <2015-01-22 Thu 16:11> Studying Cpp from Padma  
        Brief mention of HW networking coruse  
      Rukhsar <2015-01-22 Thu 16:11> Didn't get time to do work so doing  
        it right here in library  
        Reading random eng chapter  
      Sangita <2015-01-22 Thu 17:12> they have oracle in college  
        Interface is different, syntax same  
        Left in between, poonam needed system  
<2015-01-23 Fri> <2015-01-23 Fri 17:35> <2015-01-23 Fri 19:40> Sangita <2015-01-23 Fri 17:35> Installing Oracle+sql she got from  
        college+Foreign Key+DataBackup/Resore  
      Rukhsar <2015-01-23 Fri 17:45>    
<2015-01-27 Tue> <2015-01-27 Tue 17:10> <2015-01-27 Tue 19:59> Neha <2015-01-27 Tue 17:20> Wanted to know how to use Pi+Wiki  
      Rukshar <2015-01-27 Tue 17:32> Practice question+answers  
      + Co    
      Sangita <2015-01-27 Tue 17:47> She is practicing her school HW relat  
        -ed to DB, constraints.  
      Anas <2015-01-27 Tue 18:23> Doing Math's limt exercise  
      Junaid <2015-01-27 Tue 19:18> Doing Math's limt exercise  
      Neha <2015-01-27 Tue 19:50> Some work she is doing… Subject  
<2015-01-28 Wed> <2015-01-28 Wed 17:00> <2015-01-28 Wed 19:56> Rukhsar <2015-01-28 Wed 17:04> Following up hindi assignment  
      Junaid <2015-01-28 Wed 17:02>    
      Anas <2015-01-28 Wed 17:03> Did small review of concept of limits  
      Priti <2015-01-28 Wed 17:03> Studying with Aditi.  
      Sangita <2015-01-28 Wed 17:30> Joins, group by, queries.  
      Ashqui <2015-01-28 Wed 18:20> Giving hand with Rukhsar's student  
<2015-01-29 Thu> <2015-01-29 Thu 17:40> <2015-01-29 Thu 20:04> Sangita <2015-01-29 Thu 17:40> She was here already, class exercise  
        query, joins, select statement  
      Anas <2015-01-29 Thu 17:53> doing some math factoring  
      Ashique <2015-01-29 Thu 17:48> Doing something with english grammar  
      Junaid <2015-01-29 Thu 18:20>    
      Ashfaq <2015-01-29 Thu 18:00> Doing Grammar work  
Table 2: SANGITA SCHEDULE Planned on <2015-01-19 Mon>
<2015-01-20 Tue> INSTALLATION  
  LOAD Data/Insert/Drop/delete  
<2015-01-21 Wed> Relationships(Foriegn Keys)  
  Query on related tables  
<2015-01-22 Thu> Many to Many/  
  One to Many/  
  Many to One fileds  
<2015-01-23 Fri> Joins/Relationships/  
<2015-01-24 Sat> Indexing+Queries  
<2015-01-25 Sun> Revisions