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SoFee 2.0

From past few months I have not published publicly, but in drafts I was writing a small story. It took long to put together everything, and I now have a rough draft of story in place. But it is still not finished finished. I think it is same as personal software projects, experiments, never ending. There is always something to improve, fix, refactor/rewrite.

On that idea of on-going projects I will be picking up SoFee. With same features which I was aiming with first version. I want to make them modular which can work with each other on need to need basis.

I was also thinking of using Clojure this time. On that Punchagan correctly reminded me how fixing that could be counter productive to the project. In my first attempt for SoFee, I had decided to use python3 and many of web-page parsing libraries were still using python2. I spent long time to port abandoned archiving library of Warc to python3 and in the end that feature was not even shipped. So despite the temptation, as Punchagan suggested, it is best to look for best library available irrespective of language and put together a minimum feature, BUT complete module which can:

  1. Archive a link locally.
  2. Revisit those archives without an internet connection.
  3. Index the archives, make them searchable.
  4. Possibly a command line utility which can be extended with REST endpoints.

After that, I will pick up remaining features and try to build this, block by block.

One block at a time.