Teacher's Day

I remember it was on 5th of September in 2010, I was at IISc. The Mahoul/माहोल, environment was of celebrating teachers day. I think it is a nice tradition where we end up reflecting upon many teachers we have had in our lives and their contribution in our lives. Some of my college teachers were on GTalk, so I reached out to them there and while walking back from local cafeteria I was looking at my contact list and found my high school English teacher's contact. I called her, rather nervously. Call went normalish, small reminding was needed from my side, it was long time since I had finished my school. After wishing her, we started catching upon what I had been upto. She enquired if I visited Bikaner to which I replied, "Yes, I did came in July" and she replied, "I did come". I got confused and I blurted out, "Hain?", my version of "Ehh", to which she replied, "I did come, you said, I did came, after did, you should use verb in first form." I was like, ohh, sorry for the mistake and thanks for the correction. A nice lesson for the right day, which I still remember and I think this one is going to stick for long. Thank you Mam.