Coding/Working with eyes closed...
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First time when I saw Krishnakant work with this computer during presentation at 2009, I was really impressed. Then thanks to punchagan I also saw this talk on org-mode at google headquarters which had introduction by T.V Raman. Kk uses something known as screen reader which keeps on speaking aloud whatever he keeps typing.

I have this window next to my working table, and many a times, I end up gazing out of it for a long time. And changing focus from that sort of light to screen inside room takes some time. Many other things, keeps on popping up and one day I ended up wondering, how would be my experience of trying screen reader.


Despite challenges, I am highly drawn by some of points:

  • I won't be distracted by anything else visually, which I think is really strong and dominating sense.
  • It might give a more focused work, thinking of just one thing and working on it.
  • Rest to eyes.

Challenges can be:

  • I am not sure about speed. I am getting comfortable with keyboard, but something constantly buzzing in ear might slow down things.
  • Although eyes are closed, there is some constant voice in ears which might be distracting.
  • How efficient would it be switching between windows and easy it would be to pickup from where I had left.
  • How would I play songs in background while working?

Not sure how to go about it, but I would certainly give it a try and see how it goes.