Youtube: a (healthy?)supplement for study material
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In the past, I have visited NID to help out students with their Diploma projects. At times some students will show up with a buggy code whose source would be a youtube video. It always got me baffled. Students were trying to short the learning and they were writing code by pausing a video at a certain time and hoping that, that code would work for them just like it is shown in the video. There are so so so many issues with youtube as a reference for learning material. Something like:

  1. With programming, it can be particularly hard to cite and use the exact time-frame as reference. The video content and voice are not indexed. One can't find its way back to the video without a proper key word which is often limited.
  2. Hard to the reproduce environment which the presenter is using in the video. Often exact versions, OS details or other needed setup are missing from the 'details' section.
  3. Videos can get blocked for random copyright violations or even get taken down.

Having said that, recently, I got myself enrolled in an LLB course in a local government college. The college is pretty relaxed about the schedule, curriculum, assignment, and time-commitments. Regular classes happen but students are not "required" to attend them. There were very few basic requirements or assignments. I myself attended 4 class in all and one among them was right before the day exam was scheduled. There was some confusion around the optional subject and the class was meant for giving a rough overview of the syllabus. The downside of this approach was to self-study most of the things and score basic passing marks(half-assing a profession degree). I was mostly relying on last few years solved question paper to get an understanding of the subjects. Some teachers also helped out in the process. But, I think the most crucial part of the preparation was youtube videos, made by some random teachers, students, and professionals. They had recorded many small videos covering basics of certain Acts, where they applied, relevant cases and exceptions.

Listing down some references which were helpful(Shoutouts):

While these videos were really helpful, I still think for serious learning they are not good material compared to books, bare-acts, manuals. Such content can be referred back and revisited quickly.