Posts about python

Review of AI-ML Workshop

Reflections on identifying problems and improving for future workshops

Selenium based frontend tests using Python and Docker

Python based frontend unittests using selenium and docker.

Comparing URLs for similarity

Check if two URLs are same

Setting up an environment for a workshop based on Python.

A reflection on advancements of programming ecosystem to make it easy for starters.

Unittest objects available on DBus: part 2

Better way to unittest Objects/Interfaces meant to be exported over DBus

Unittest object/interface available on DBus

How to unittest object available on DBus

Rushing in with bug fixes

Don't rush in with a fix for bug, think it through. If you have time that is, otherwise, just merge it.

Experience with Python...

Even after working with python for long time, how comfortable I am with it.

Service worker adventures

Getting Service workers to work with Django application.

Quest to find 'good' K for KMeans

Can we automatically find 'good' K for K-means clustering.

FOSSEE Project

Chance to get involved with community at large

Document clustering in Hindi